Meze Liric
Portable Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone
Designed for high-fidelity listening on the go, LIRIC delivers high build quality, excellent comfort and a life-like, immersive listening experience.
An Audiophile-Worthy Experience On The Go
Combining high-end materials with an ergonomic design approach and a sleek, modern finish, LIRIC is made for the audiophiles who want to enjoy their passion in and outside the house, for hours on end.
Achieving the highly-refined finish was definitely a challenging process. The union of black leather, gloss-matte spatters on magnesium, and metallic copper accents were the perfect addition to this contemporary aesthetic, completing its portable personality.
Assembled together using only nuts and bolts, like all from Meze Audio, this headphone is fully and endlessly serviceable to extend listener enjoyment.
A precisely tuned air vent hole can make a world of difference in how you perceive the sound around you, that is why we’ve learned and adapted from our previous experiences and decided to add our Pressure Equalization System in LIRIC’s ear cups as well. The result: better controlled airflow, improved ear cup chamber pressure, and a sound that is airy, transparent, detailed and flows naturally, enveloping you into a whole new world of music.
Padded headband cushions are symmetrically placed in a “+” shape to allow proper air flow, and lowers the heat and humidity buildup. Covered in genuine leather, the headband is perfectly tuned for optimal pressure distribution - it follows the structure of the head, creating firm and even contact.

Just like all Meze Audio headphones, LIRIC is easily adjustable for a sturdy, yet comfortable feel that fits most head shapes.
The choice of an angled ovoid ear cup shape was best for surrounding your ears closely without adding unnecessary pressure or weight, at the same time offering a deeper sound and a better passive sound isolation.
Love At First Touch
No detail is left to chance when creating a multisensory experience. With the LIRIC, each texture was carefully selected to complete the other, creating a tactile spectacle distinguishable at first contact. Referencing the textures found on magnesium parts of professional photo cameras, this headphone preserves the same softness to the touch, while demonstrating an outstanding wear resistance.
Winding Discreet Design
Specially designed to stylistically fit in the products range, LIRIC is not hiding in conformism and contemporary high volatile design language, it offers pleasure to the eyes with it's wave design in unexpected angles without shouting for attention.
Lightweight Magnesium Skeleton
A lightweight magnesium skeleton ensures the headphones stay flexible, shock-resistant and oxidation free, while maintaining an ideal fit for long listening sessions.
Early Prototype
The choice of an angled ovoid ear cup shape was best for surrounding the ears closely without adding unnecessary pressure or weight, at the same time offering a deeper sound and a better passive sound isolation.
MZ4 Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver
LIRIC is the first closed-back headphone to be powered by Rinaro’s Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver. Created exclusively for Meze Audio, the MZ4 driver offers the same dual shaped voice coil array seen in the Meze Empyrean. Over 30 years of R&D have gone into developing this technology, resulting in one of the lightest and most advanced planar magnetic drivers on the market.
A new innovation to the MZ4 driver developed in-house by Rinaro is the Phase-X™ system, which improves ambience and spatial sound imaging, often found to be a problem in closed back headphone designs.

Another novelty for the LIRIC is the introduction of an Ear pad Air Flow (EAF) system, developed by Rinaro, which reduces the weight and size of the LIRIC headphone through optimizing it’s acoustic volume.
Precision cut air vents which run from the LIRIC ear cup chamber into the ear pads allow the MZ4 driver to utilise acoustic volume from the ear pads as well as the ear cup chamber.
This significantly reduces the required size of the ear cup chamber allowing LIRIC to keep a compact and truly portable closed-back headphone profile without compromising on the acoustic performance.


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