FreeRider SkateCycle for Brooklyn Workshop
self propelled hubless skate
Winner of a Bronze 2010 IDEA Award. The Freerider Skatecycle is a self propelled hubless skate capable of riding on flat ground or tackling any skatepark. The 9 Inch wheels makes it easier to overcome objects in your way and is very durable. Weighing just 7.3 lbs, it folds easily, and can even sit over your shoulder freeing up your hands when you walk. Now part of the permanent collection at the Henry Ford Museum
I consdier myself lucky to have been supporting Alon Karpman, inventor of the Skatecycle, in the pursuit of his concept. I learned a lot about start-ups from him since we first meet in 2006. Thanks Alon!
All design and patent rights belong to BW.

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